What is your definition of a sustainable economy?
I guess this really depends on your definition of economy. If economy means to you profit, then anything that aids in the continued extraction of profits for as long as possible would fit that bill. However this is most certainly not my view on economy, economy itself is quintessentially trades between a suppliers and a consumers and for either to coexists they need one and another. Too may suppliers and goods lose value, becoming simply too costly to supply. Too many consumers and not enough suppliers makes goods value exceed the means of those very consumers which in turn limits the suppliers ability to trade. So I guess in the end, a balance between those wishing to sell and those with the means to buy is how I would define a sustainable economy. Of course how that is implemented is beyond me 😀

What is the most important human need that the economy should account for?
That a supplier’s want for growth does not come at the cost of the communities in and around the supplier. If profit is generated by paying less, and working harder a supplier’s employees in the end you’ve turn a human in to a piggy-bank. The economy, in my humble opinion, should not hold back human aspiration but support and grow with it. I have a limited view point, but from where I see it, we have an economy that works for the few and leaves too many broken in its path. It’s shortsighted, in the end if everyone starves no matter how profitable you were you’ll starve in the end too.

In your opinion, do positive examples already exist?

I think they might have, I’m not sure they are now. Companies who have an humanity ethos at their core are competing with companies that are not shackled by that same ethos. In the end the game is rigged, because the incentives for success are defined in profits not in human endeavour. What I do find to be positive however is that some businesses are starting to understand that if they wish to survive then the very people who work and buy from them must do more then survive, they must live. When I see companies actively asking what they can do to make the lives better of those connected with them, I see a company trying to be positive.  I can only commend such actions.

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